Thajul Ulama Ullal Thangal
A.P Aboobacker Ustad
P Abdul KhaderMadani Kalthara
C.T Hashim Thangal
E.M.A Majeed Musliar

We provide our children with good education by sending them to different schools and various vocational training centres in accordance with their capability and acumen for education and training...We are striving very hard to mobilize the financial resources and we are looking forward to make this dream project a reality in the near future. The financial support of kind hearted and generous people like you are very valuable in this endeavour.

Markazul Bushra Al Islami is an Educational Institiution which situates in East Chebarakky nearly Aluva of greater Cochin, Kerala, India. It is founded in 2003 as an open window of pouring religious education as wella s material education to orphans and destitutes among society to enrich them to propogate Islam to modern era. The service filled on decade, has instilled some greatness which actually sets Markazul Bushra Al Islami apart in Kerala Islamic Educational scenario.

Shareeath college, Hiflul qran College, Daawa College, Secondary and the Islamic research Centre are functioning admirably under this institutions. There is provided all the facilities free of cost for the whole students. The authority expects to build a Masjid and start relief cell and technical programs. This is a mighty institutions without any fixed revenue and the cost of education, housing , dressing, food and treatment of a number of students is overcome to rupees 1,20,000 monthly. At this venture your help and support is very essentila for this sacred attempt.

We warmly invite you to Markazul Bushra Al Islami to participate in the prayer meeting of it's innocent inmates and also to visit the institution as early as possible.

Let almighty Allah reward and bless us. Ameen.

Expecting your succeeding co-operations,


E.M.Abdul Majeed Musliyar

Syed C.T.Hashim Thangal Al Bafaqi


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